About Us

Nice to meet you... we are Carola & Mado... and also Tatu & Aiden...
We are a Zanzibari-Italian family, with deep roots in the ancient Florentine land on one side and  the warm sand of Kiwengwa on the other.
Together we realized our dream project! We built 3 houses - built them with passion and love, tracing and designing every piece, from foundation to roof, from staircases to the interior decorations...we took care of each plant, each flower...and finally watched the making of our lush garden.

We will be pleased and delighted  to host you during your stay in Zanzibar and to help you to discover and experience in total freedom all the secret corners of this fascinating  island.

Kamili View's Foundation

Kamili View lays its first-foundation stone on a crumpled  1000 Italian Lire bill and a brand new one of 1000 Tanzanian Shillings... it was Valentine Day 2011.

  Nasce Kamiliview Zanzibar  


In a bit more then one year the building was done and we were flying to Italy to give birth to our second child.
2013... sun and rains during our absence have completed our job, coloring and invigorating the garden, and in July we've started to host our first guests.



After a couple of years of satisfaction and amazing reviews we've decided to build a swimming pool, which was opened in July 2015.
Our Guests get crazy about it but also Tatu and Aiden!!!
Looking forward to meet you!!!

piscina 1 piscina 2 piscina 3



The Apartments

Our apartments have been designed and built with enormous amounts of care and energy just as you give to your own house... continue...

Wander Around

Kamili View is located in Kiwengwa, the largest village of Zanzibar north east coast, in an area called "Mafarasi"... continue...


Zanzibar is an island dictated by the tide; here turquoise water recedes and returns in approximately 12hr cycles...continue...