Kamili View is located in Kiwengwa, the largest village of Zanzibar north east coast, in an area called "Mafarasi", where you can find a range of shops for everything you will need to make your stay great. Mafarasi is also a good starting point for those audacious enough to try the local transports, "DalaDala", instead of comfortable taxi.

Kiwengwa Beach: Famous for its kilometres of long... seemingly endless... powder white sand!
At low tide when waves give way to warm puddles, like little turquoise bath tubs, long walks can replace your swims.
The best way to enjoy the beauty of the tide, which wax and wane every 6 hours, is taking a walk to the coral reef to find fish, octopus and other marine creatures caught in the rock pools...
Listen to the sound of the ocean that slowly comes back... take refuge on a sand bank which gets smaller and smaller and jump on your "ngalawa", a local canoe, booked in advance to reach the shore by sail.

Kiwengwa Beach
  DalaDala: Are you looking for simple but deep emotions?
A ride on a DalaDala will be definitely the subject of your trip tales once back home!
Maybe because in the space of 20 we squeeze up to 30...
including big Mamas hiding kids under their dresses.
Maybe because the steering reminds you a formula one race track!!
Or maybe just to feel yourself unburden of some unnecessary needs...
Who knows? DalaDala n°117 Kiwengwa-StoneTown... only for the bravest!!!
Lobster & more: Eating is not a problem in Kiwengwa...
From sumptuous buffets found in the resort hotels and fine dining dishes served at a handful of boutique hotels, to a delicious lobster BBQ and tastily cooked Swahili food prepared at the friendly local restaurants along the beach.
Chakula Chema,
enjoy your meal!



Ebony arts, batik, oil paintings, Masai jewels, elegant beads & leather shoes, colorful fabrics... and more... hundreds of stalls along the beach for wonderful local shopping.
Cooking Lesson:
If you are a traveller cooking lover and back home you like to test yourself in exotic dishes, you can't miss Mama Ketty kitchen!! In her courtyard beyond messing about with strange utensils and explore the secrets of the delicious and healthy Swahili cuisine, you'll have a great chance to taste a bit of real Zanzibar life.Cooking Lesson
  Kite surf: Kiwengwa has several kite centers with qualified instructors and good equipment...
The shallow sea floor and the nice wind make Zanzibar east coast an ideal place for kite surf lovers.
Mado knows the wind, knows this ocean and its tides and goes out kite-surfing daily! He will love to share his experience with you or surf in your company! Kite Surf
Kiwengwa Caves:
A fascinating little jewel undiscovered from the mass tourism,
Ancient caves carved by centuries of water dripping, rich of stalactites and stalagmites...
walls eroded by the salt twinkling under your flashlight.
Simple natural trails but immersed in the deep darkness and silence.
The caves are only few kilometers from us and are an amazing alternative to sun and beach!
  Quad Tour: this is the best way to approach some wild and colorful off-road rural villages! A half day drive through rice fields and fruit plantations and a nice opportunity to meet local people and why not, deliver some gifts. No candies please... we will be happy to advise on this matter if you wish!


Kiwengwa is all this and much more... we hope that our experience makes you enjoy the village and the whole island in the best way


Stone Town Tour...

Getting lost in a fascinating labyrinth made of sultans and traders tales.

Safari Blue...

Lulled by the waves, in a dhow trip through coral reef, sand banks and desert islands.

Diving e Snorkelling...

Discovering the rich and colorful depths of Zanzibar and its atolls.

Spice Tour...

A charming walk through the most spicy botanical gardens in the world.

North and Turtles...

Nungwi e Kendwa, best beaches, natural aquariums, and beautiful sundown.

Jozani Forrest and Red Monkeys...

The green heart of Zanzibar.

The Butterfly Farm...

From caterpillar to butterfly, the amazing life cycle of this graceful creatures.








...we will be delighted to assist you on choosing the most suitable excursions for you and to discover some new trails together!



The Apartments

Our apartments have been designed and built with enormous amounts of care and energy just as you give to your own house... continue...

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We are a Zanzibari-Italian family, with deep roots in the ancient Florentine land on one side and the warm sand of Kiwengwa...continue...


Zanzibar is an island dictated by the tide; here turquoise water recedes and returns in approximately 12hr cycles...continue...